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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Domestic Express Rates : 1926 - 1942

a) October 1, 1926 - January 31, 1928 : 20c

s'Gravenhage to Leiden, March 2, 1927

b) February 1, 1928 - 1942 : 10c

i) Letters

The express fee rate was reduced from 20 cents to 10 cents.

7 1/2 c letter rate period (1927-1929)

Bussum to Haarlem, June 9, 1929

 Railway Company Service 

Railway companies were allowed to carry mail for a fee. Customers brought mail to train stations where it was placed on the first train heading for the mail's destination. Upon arrival, the mail was handed over to the post office for delivery. In addition to regular postage, a railway stamp was affixed on the back of the letter. 

10c Railway fee

Nederland Spoorwegen railway stamp

9 JUN 1929

6c letter rate period (1929-1937)


Express mail could be brought to a post office for posting or deposited in a mail box (brievenbus). Mailbox letters received a "Brievenbus" handstamp to explain why delivery of the letter might have been delayed.

 Amsterdam to s'Gravenhage, August 8, 1934

Express and Registered
Amsterdam to Baarn, May 13, 1931

5c letter rate period (1937-1940)

Rotterdam to Bergen, April 12, 1939

 Brievenbus handstamp
Amsterdam to Utrecht, May 1, 1940

Rotterdam to s'Gravenhage, July 19, 1940

7 1/2c letter rate period (from 1940)

 Amsterdam to s'Gravenhage, September 27, 1940

Amsterdam to Baarn, January 22, 1941


 Railway company service
Tillburg to s'Gravenhage, May 21, 1942


ii) Post Cards

5c "Out-of-town" post card rate period (1926-1937)

Sittard to Breda, October 15, 1928

4c  "Out-of-town" post card rate period (1937-1939)

 s'Gravenhage to Tegelen, January 11, 1939

3c local post card rate period (1928-1936)

Amsterdam local, April 27, 1934

4c local post card rate period (From 1940)
s'Gravenhage local, September 17, 1942

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