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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Domestic Parcel Rates : 1935 - 1946

Postal address cards were used for mailing domestic parcels. Postage stamps were affixed to the address cards, cancelled by the originating office and date stamped by the receiving office. The used cards were not retained by the addressee but remained the property of the PTT. The stamped sections of the cards were cut out of the address cards and sold at auction by the PTT to raise money for charitable organizations.

Front : Address Side

Back : Receiving Side

 Cards sold by the PTT

The section of the parcel address cards cut and sold by the PTT at auction is framed by the red line:

The card sections shown below are from the 1941-1942 period.

Up to 1 kg : 20c

Apeldoorn to Maastricht, October 17, 1941

>1kg, ≤ 2kg  : 25c

 Utrecht to Arnhem, November 3, 1941

>2kg, ≤ 3kg  : 30c

  Nieuwleussen to Arnhem, November 3, 1941

>3kg, ≤ 5kg  : 50c

 Grouw to Zeist, October 3, 1941

>7kg, ≤ 9kg  : 70c

Amsterdam to Groningen, December 21, 1942

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