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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Domestic Bericht van Ontvangst (B.V.O.) - Acknowledgment of Receipt

The domestic Bericht van Ontvangst (Acknowledgment of Receipt) fee for registered mail was set at 15 cents on March 1, 1921 and remained in effect until July 1, 1955 when it was increased to 35c.

B.V.O. service was available to allow a sender of a registered letter to receive a card advising that the item had been delivered. The 15 cents B.V.O. fee was paid along with the postage and the registration fee. Postage stamps were not affixed to the BVO cards.

Culenborg to Ijmuiden, December 11, 1937

Registered with proof of receipt

BVO Cards

Model NR 209 L 1430 - 1930

 Registered letter sent on July 20, 1933  from Zutphen to Laren

Model P 209 L 1263 - 1936

  Registered letter sent on December 3, 1933,  from Zutphen toWijhe
Acknowledged December 4, 1937

 Model P 209 L 2204 - 1937

 Registered letter sent on September 9, 1938  from Zutphen to Apeldoorn
Acknowledged September 9, 1938

 Model P 209 L 2258 - 1940

 Registered letter sent on March 23, 1942  from  Zutphen to Apeldoorn. 
Acknowledged March 27

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