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Friday, April 19, 2013

Authorization to Pick Up Mail Cards

In 1890, the Netherlands introduced a service which allowed a person's agent to pick up his/her mail at the post office. An authorization to pick up mail card ("Bewijs van bevoegdheid voor het afhalen van stukken kaartjes ) was carried by the agent. The fee for this service was paid with postage stamps which were affixed to the card and cancelled.


A higher quarterly fee was charged for authorization cards to pick up mail at the 8 largest cities in the Netherlands (Aarnhem, s'Gravenhage, Groningen, Haarlem, Nijmegen, Rotterdam and Utrecht) than at other offices. The fee for authorization to only pick up newspapers and magazines was lower than the fee to pick up all types of mail.

Fee Period : April 1, 1939 to September 1, 1946
8 Largest Cities

The fee was 2.5 gld. per quarter year.


The card below paid the authorization to pick up mail fee for the first quarter of 1943.

 Authorization to pick up mail from Post Office Box 927
2.5 gld. quarterly rate, December 11, 1943


The full yearly fee of 10 gld. had been paid  on this card with two 500c guilloche definitive stamps. Unfortunately, one of the stamps has gone missing. I would like to think that the stamp was loosely affixed to the card in the first place and fell off accidentally.

 Fee for full year (1944) ; 4 quarters 10 gld. ( 4 x 2.5 gld.)
Stamp cancelled Arnhem, December 11, 1942
(500 cent stamp missing but a nice card nevertheless)

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